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Our tea brings you enjoyment, leisure, and inspiration in thousands of variations.
Discover the pure & organic teas brought to you directly from farm
What Makes Us Different
Tea From High Mountains
Our first principle is to provide pure natural featured teas directly from the farms that are located at 500~1500 meters altitude of high mountains (高山茶). Tea leaves are usually hand-harvested, and grow slowly due to the thin air in high altitudes.
100% Organic Tea
Our certified organic teas are free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Teas that are not certified organic are usually air-dried without rinsing, meaning that synthetic chemicals are dried on the leaf, which may end up in your cup. This can affect the quality of the tea and pose potential health risk.
Natural Colors Inspired By Nature
As our teas are purely organic and without any chemicals and pesticides, the tea leaves preserve their original colors that are reflected in the color of tea you drink. 
Pleasure In Every Cup
The slow growth of the tea gives a better aroma than a rapid growth period. Combined with original colors, the very flavor of nature will give you extra pleasure in every cup of our organic teas.
Where We Supply Tea Fom
Sri Lanka
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