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From the world’s most elegant plantations comes these crafted varietals of health-enhancing teas. Fresh, sustainably harvested leaves are rich with the distinctive taste and intrepid individuality of the tea’s famed origins. Includes the following blends: Black Tea, Oolong Tea, and Green Tea

Superior Tea

The superiority of Organic Capital teas is measured with the soul of countries of origins, altitudes of the tea plantations, tea culture, and traditions, as well as the long traditions of the tea cultivation process

Healthy Lifestyle

Pesticides and fertilizers are removed during tea processing, many of these chemicals are water-soluble. Well-managed organic farms work in harmony with nature to manage various pests and other "problems". With our variety of teas, you will be able to maintain your healthy lifestyle

Our Story

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. All tea comes from one plant, Camellia Sinensis. Teas are grown in different regions, different hills and mountains, different times of the year. Although there are over one thousand varieties in the market, these teas can be categorized into four main types based on the time of harvesting and method of processing. These are green, oolong, white and black (called "red tea "in China).


White Tea

White tea leaves are harvested at a younger age from unopened buds of tea shoots which can only be picked in early spring within one or two weeks. After picking, the buds are left to wither in sunlight and only slightly oxidated. This process gives the tea a delicate flavor and natural sweetness that comes from the buds. Because it almost doesn`t pass any processing white tea contains three times more antioxidant polyphones than green tea. This tea is only hand-harvested and requires detail-oriented processing that makes is one of the most expensive teas in the market.​

Green Tea

Green tea is unoxidized leaves of Camellia Sinensis, heated shortly(by steam or firing pan) to prevent it from losing its fresh flavor and retain the maximum amount of antioxidants In China green tea has been traditionally used for its medical benefits since ancient times. Although green tea primarily consumed in Asia, with the release of many studies on the health benefits its consumption is increasing worldwide.


Oolong Tea

Oolong tea(or Wulong), is also made of leaves of Camellia Sinensis, as it is semi-oxidated, it stands somewhere between oxidated green tea and fully fremented black tea. In oolong tea processing, fresh leaves are withered for one to two days and the leaves are then rolled to release enzymes that needed for the next step. Then the tea leaves are left to oxidize for a shorter period than for black tea and the process is interrupted before it is completed. The tea is heated to prevent further oxidation and to dry the tea. Oolong teas can vary significantly in flavor and taste depending on when the oxidization process is stopped having more of a green tea if interrupted early in the process and more black tea flavor and taste if longer oxidation allowed. On average oolong tea fremented between 15 and 85%. This process controlled is by a master.


Black Tea

if picked leaves of Camellia Sinensis go 100% oxidation process, that is to say, harvested tea leaves are withered for one or two days, then they are rolled to release enzymes that needed for the next step. Then the tea leaves are left to oxidize until they turn dark brown or black. This is when black tea`s aroma and flavor formed. At the last stage, tea leaves are fired in an oven to dry the leaves and stop the oxidization process. Among other teas, black tea is the most popular and consumed tea in the world.

Although we know how major categories of teas are approximately made, quality of tea determined by what climate and altitude it has grown, when the leaves are been harvested and who have the leaves processed by. Since there are a lot of kinds of teas sold in our market, our aim is to supply our tea lovers only with the highest quality and famous tea varieties.

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Taiwanese Tea

Taiwanese Tea

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Taiwanese Tea

Unique climate and geographical environment in Taiwan, as well as mountainous terrain provides idea condition for growth of high-quality tea